Friday, April 22, 2011

A brief note about the not-too-distant future.

Dear readers, (All seven of you. Hi Mom!*)

I have a bit of a personal note that may affect the future of this blog. I've been hired to write for Motorsport Marketing, publishers most notably of Grassroots Motorsports and Classic Motorsports magazines. This is a dream job for anyone who has wielded both a wrench and a pen, and I'm very fortunate to get it.

Naturally, this disturbs all my previous plans for the year. My brother-in-law recently sold his Supra, so that's one project down. All my LeMons plans are now up in the air. And a few are getting expedited, such as the Miata engine rebuild, so I can have a reliable car for the trip. I have a number of other things to deal with.

But those changes are all small potatoes compared to what I'm getting. I'm moving to Florida, home of sandy beaches and warm weather. That'll be good for the ol' Brasilian blood. I'll work with a bunch of really cool people who are passionate about what they do, put out a couple kickass magazines, bust my ass and have something to be really proud of.

So, rather than continuing to plug away at boring work inside my beige box, I'm living the dream. I never thought I'd be that guy, but here I am. Well, there I'll be. Soon enough. Whether or not I'll have the time, energy, or content to keep the blog alive is another question entirely. If this sentimental mechanic goes quiet sometime after late May, you can look for my writing in the pages of your preferred Motorsports magazine. You'll be seeing my byline there soon enough.

Keep your wounds greased and your wrenches handy.


*My mom doesn't actually read my blog.


  1. We welcome Alan to our staff with open arms*, and we promise to never keep him from the keyboard.

    David S. Wallens, editorial director
    Grassroots Motorsports
    Classic Motorsports

    * I know, that's a horrible cliche.

    PS: And to Alan's mom, we promise to take care of him.

  2. Congrats, Alan, that's great news! I'm happy for you even if it casts doubt on my racing plans this year. I hope you like Florida - it was too hot for me.

    Time to renew my subscription to GRM!

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  4. Mr. Wallens, don't go easy on him! :P

    Alan, let me know about the engine rebuild, I can help. And try not to abandon your blog too, it is one of the few I actually look forward to reading on a Monday night.

  5. I'm already working on a to-do list for his first day. Hope he doesn't mind writing about cars.



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