Monday, March 9, 2009

Spelling fail

Ah, the wonders of wanting your car to be awesome, while making it clear that you're completely hopeless.

The car didn't have rims, though it did have sweet Altezzas.

Faucet: 1, Escort: 0

Amanda backed the car into the house. Unfortunately, rather than just scraping the paint a bit, she hit the house where the outside faucet is.

These pictures are post-op. The bumper cover was torn almost completely off; we screwed it back in place. The hole the faucet gouged into the car we filled with expanding foam insulation. I later sprayed over the exposed insulation with undercoating.

Notice how the foam, once it squeezes itself out of the hole, begins to form testicles. Better than truck balls!

I hacked them off the next day with a hatchet.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Roll bar has arrived!

This is by far the biggest package I've ever had delivered to me. Despite its size, it's actually pretty easy to move. It's only 40 pounds. It's a roll bar for the Miata: the Hard Bar Sport model made by Hard Dog Fabrication. I hope to have it installed before I attend The Learning Curve, a 2-day instructional class through the SCCA of Chicago.

This is my first significant modification/upgrade to the Miata since I bought it in December, with hopefully many more upgrades to come. I'll have pictures when it's installed.