Friday, July 10, 2009

Style points

For nerd cred and to show off a bit of my national pride, I painted my calipers green and yellow: colors on the Brazilian flag.

My car is white, so that's covered, but where's the blue? Have a look:

Yup. Angry eyes in painter's tape. Win. Number of Jalopnik points gained: Zero. Total Jalopnik points: 126.

(For comparison, the ZX2 earns 25 points, the former Benz earns 70.)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Various things I've seen on the road

All of these are my photos, not pulled off the Internet. They were all taken with my cell phone, hence the crappy quality.

Sarah Palin 2012 bumper sticker. Funny, since 1. she never announced that she was running, and 2. she just resigned from her governorship, presumably because of all the investigations against her.

You have to look closely, but you'll notice the license plate reads: LARDINE. I don't know if that's her actual name, but it's certainly not a flattering one.

I never thought about it, but of course a limo won't fit on flatbed. How else would you tow one though? It would be way too long to pull behind.

Since the car color is clearly not what they're referring to, "RED DEUCE" can only mean they have bloody shit. TMI, people.
Hello Kitty + Jeep Wrangler = Failure.

I've seen several of these before, but these MAXI DUMP trucks and trailers always make me laugh. I love poop jokes.

Simply the best license plate ever.