Saturday, November 14, 2009

Raceland Windblokker (windblocker)


I bought a cheap windblocker from Raceland at the same time as the header. Their brand name for it is Windblokker. Whatever.
I bought their "V Style" windblocker because it's $10 cheaper than the standard model. One of the features of this windblocker is that it tilts down flat, and I thought the V-style, which comes in a bit at an angle on the sides, just might give me enough clearance to get past the rear braces on my Hard Dog Hard Bar Sport roll bar.

Unfortunately, it won't tilt down far. The rear roll bar braces still get in the way, so I do lose that functionality. Other than the tilt though, it fits just fine. It's not really a big deal. It's so stupidly easy to install anyway, I could just remove it if I need to. Click the picture above to see pictures and read details on the thing.

The windblocker does its job well. I can drive with the top down when it's 40 degrees out. It's significantly quieter in the car, and I don't get blasts of air shooting into my right ear. When Amanda called me on my cell phone, she had to ask if I was driving, because it was unusually quiet. I'd call that high praise. If I had to do it again though, I would probably have splurged on the more expensive model. It would probably look better, and work better.

Update: I've rigged up a bracket to give it enough clearance for full functionality with the roll bar.


  1. How much did you pay for it, total?

    BTW, you're in my blogroll now. Pretty awesome, eh?

  2. Header and windblocker + shipping all came out just under $130. Combined shipping since I got it all on their website. The 1.6 header is slightly cheaper than the others. The windblocker was $18, which is ridiculous cheap, and should fit your very sexy NB as well.

    Thanks for the promo, holmes. I didn't even know what a blogroll was; it's not a default feature with Blogspot. But I found it, and now you will get massive publicity from my 10 hits a month.

  3. I has about 12 visits a day. Adding yours and we'll have about 22. Feels fresh.


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