Thursday, May 14, 2009

The magic of Dymo labels

I love Dymo labels. So does Amanda. I've had this toggle switch in my car since I bought it, and it was (gasp!) unmarked!

So, once I remembered that Dymo labels exist, I took it upon myself to mark the switch. What does it do? See for yourself.


  1. I need to put a magic switch (AKA fan switch)in my car as well. Wanna help? i kinda want to make a switch for everything. like a masterkill switch would be cool. like one of those covered switches that you open to fire a missle. (hmm missle switch too?) Also i was thinking of building a temp read out on an old school 7 segment display to tell me temps all arount my engine and outside and in the cabin.Maybe some cool blue ones or a ticker pannel. (since for some reason this computer doesent let me use the arrow keys i will be forced to not correct my grammer).

  2. Dude, I'll totally help. That would rock. You could even get a panel like on race cars, individual toggles for fuel pump, ignition, and a red momentary button for the starter. Something like this:

    Except with one of these for the start button:

    Of course we can label them "Missile" "Caltrops" "Oil Dropper" "Machine Gun" etc.

    The hard part will be figuring out which wires to splice into or whatever.


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