Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snow tires rule

Picked up a set of American Racing alloy wheels with Bridgestone Blizzak MZ-02 snow tires last weekend. They're used, but damned near new. Price? $100. That's right.

The Blizzak WS-50 set on steelies are now on Amanda's Escort. She definitely doesn't push the limits ever, but she noticed a significant difference between her all-season BFGoodrich Traction T/As and the Blizzaks in the snow.

Simply, studless snow tires rule. Whichever brand you get will be a million times better than any all-season tire you could drive in. I'm sure you've heard about the crazy winter weather in the midwest lately. As you can see, I've blasted through that white shit without any problem.

(I know the weather has been nicer this week, but these things are really unbeatable.)

(Yes, my neighbor keeps his crotch rocket parked outside all the time, uncovered. It's in a car port, so that counts for something. He rarely rides it though, and the rear tire has a bad leak. Unless he's just taken it out, it's always flat.)

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